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Gonul Nagiyeva | Alangoya

Gonul Nagiyeva is one of the most famous Turkish actresses. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey on July 1, 1970 to an Armenian family. Gonul’s career began at a very young age when she played her first role in “The Second Hand” TV series at the age of 6. Her debut film appearance came in 1983 with “Kırmızı ile Lâle” which was directed by Ömer Kavur and became a big hit in Turkey for children aged 12-14 years old. She starred as Selma’s sister Ümmiye in the popular show The Magnificent Century which aired from 2011-2013 on TRT 1 channel and attracted millions of viewers each week! From 2013 onwards.

I’m Gonul Nagiyeva, a Turkish blogger who loves Ertugrul drama. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite moments from the show with you every week. Hope you enjoy. Gonul Nagiyeva is a Turkish blogger who loves Ertugrul Drama and will be sharing her favourite moments of the show with her readers every week. She hopes that they enjoy it as much as she does.

Ali Buhara Mete | Mergen

Ali Buhara Mete is one of the most famous Turkish actors. He has been in many popular Turkish shows, including “Ertugrul-Aşkın Geçidi” and “Fantastik Dünya”. His latest show, “Sultan ile Şehzade”, will air on TRT 2 on November 5th at 9 pm JST.

Have you ever watched the famous Turkish TV series “Ertugrul”? If so, who are your favorite characters? Mine are Ali Buhara Mete and Selim I. They’re both brave fighters for justice.

Name And BiographyName In Drama Ertugrul
Ali Buhara MeteMergen
Ali Buhara Mete Age :born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1982 (38 years old)
Ali Buhara Mete Height :5 Feet 7 Inches
Ali Buhara Mete Instagram :gonulnagiyeva
Ali Buhara Mete Instagram Follower :82.3k followers
Ali Buhara Mete Net Worth:USD $1.5 Million approx
Ali Buhara Mete Nationality :Azerbaijan
Ali Buhara Mete Marital Status:Single
Ali Buhara Mete Education:Under Review

Ali Buhara Mete is a character who appears in the first season of Ertugrul. He’s an honorable man with integrity and strength that he uses to defend his country against injustice.

Cengiz Coskun | Turgut Alp

“Cengiz Coskun is one of the most famous Turkish actors. He has starred in many popular movies and now he’s starring in the most recent ertugrul drama, “The Magnificent Century.” He was born on November 14th, 1984. His mother tongue is Turkish and he also speaks English fluently. Cengiz Coskun loves to travel and so far his travels have brought him to Paris, Rome, Dubai, New York City and Istanbul.”

Name And BiographyName In Drama Ertugrul
Cengiz CoskunTurgut Alp
Cengiz Coskun Age :Born: April 29, 1982 (age 40 years), İstanbul, Turkey
Cengiz Coskun Height :5 Feet 10 Inches
Cengiz Coskun Instagram :cengizcoskunnn
Cengiz Coskun Instagram Follower :2.6m Followers,
Cengiz Coskun Net Worth:USD $1.5 Million approx
Cengiz Coskun Nationality :Turkey
Cengiz Coskun Marital Status:Married
Cengiz Coskun Education: Marmara University

Cengiz Coskun is a Turkish actor, director, screenwriter and producer. He has had an acting career of over 50 years spanning theater, television and film. His most famous role was as Ertuğrul Gazi in the iconic Turkish TV series “Ertuğrul” which aired for six seasons from 2005 to 2010 on TRT 1.

Cengiz Coskun is also known for his roles in many other legendary Turkish films such as “Yabanci Damat” (1982) directed by Halit Refiğ; “Büyük Kaptan Karaoğlan” (1986), directed by Hulki Saner; “Kara Kiralık Aşk” (1989.

Nurettin Sonmez | Bamsi

Nurettin Sonmez is a Turkish actor, director and producer. He was born on December 6th 1949 in Ankara, Turkey. His notable roles include that of Ertuğrul in the famous drama series “Ertuğrul”.

Name And BiographyName In Drama Ertugrul
Nurettin SonmezBamsi
Nurettin Sonmez Age :Born: July 24, 1978 (age 44 years), İstanbul, Turkey
Nurettin Sonmez Height :5 Feet 11 Inches
Nurettin Sonmez Instagram :nurettinsonmez
Nurettin Sonmez Instagram Follower :1.9m Followers,
Nurettin Sonmez Net Worth:USD $1.5 Million approx
Nurettin Sonmez Nationality :Turkey
Nurettin Sonmez Marital Status:Married
Nurettin Sonmez Education:Istanbul University; Yeditepe University

He has also acted in movies such as “Kırmızı Kedi” (Red Cat) and “Yolun Başına” (To Your Side). Nurettin has received many awards for his work including Golden Orange Awards for Best Actor twice, Golden Oranges Award for Outstanding Performance two times, Antalya Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award once. He’s been named an honorary citizen of Ankara province by the governor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

Nurettin Sonmez was born on September 5, 1972 in Erzincan. He is a Turkish actor who has made his career as an actor, producer and director. Nurettin started acting at the age of 14 with the theater group “Kent Adamları” which he joined after finishing elementary school. During this time period he also acted for the TV series “Parlak Yürekli Firsat” (Bright-hearted Opportunity) . In 1991, Nurettin starred in popular drama series “Ertuğrul”. His most famous role was that of Mehmet Bey during this show’s run from 1991 to 1996. After two years break, he returned to screens by starring in another.

Ertugrul Postoglu | Bahadur Bey

Ertugrul Postoglu is a famous Turkish ertugrul lover. He has been in love with Ertugrul since he was just 8 years old, and now that he’s 20, his passion for this amazing character hasn’t subsided one bit.

Name And BiographyName In Drama Ertugrul
Ertugrul PostogluBahadur Bey
Ertugrul Postoglu Age :born on January 25, 1967 in Malatya, Turkey.
Ertugrul Postoglu Height :5 Feet 9 Inches
Ertugrul Postoglu Instagram :ertugrulpostoglu
Ertugrul Postoglu Instagram Follower :107k Followers,
Ertugrul Postoglu Net Worth:USD $1.5 Million approx
Ertugrul Postoglu Nationality :Turkey
Ertugrul Postoglu Marital Status:Married
Ertugrul Postoglu Education:N/A

Ertugrul Postoglu is a famous Turkish TV series that follows the life of Ertugrul, a man that has been wronged by many people in his life. The show follows Ertuğrul’s adventures as he tries to find justice for himself and those around him. In this blog post I will be discussing some details about the drama as well as my personal thoughts on it. The article also includes spoilers if you haven’t seen all of season 1 yet.

Gurbey Ileri | Sancar Bey

This blog post is about a Turkish TV series called Gurbey Ileri. The show is based on the novel of the same name written by Selim İleri. It has been produced since 2013 and aired in 2016-2017 for two seasons with 45 episodes in total. In this article, I will summarize what Gurbey Ileri is all about, provide some context for how it came to be, and then share my thoughts on why you should watch it!

Name And BiographyName In Drama Ertugrul
Gurbey IleriSancar Bey
Gurbey Ileri Age :Born: February 13, 1988 (age 34 years), İstanbul, Turkey
Gurbey Ileri Height :5 Feet 8 Inches
Gurbey Ileri Instagram :gurbeyileriofficial
Gurbey Ileri Instagram Follower :179k Followers, 
Gurbey Ileri Net Worth:USD $1.5 Million approx
Gurbey Ileri Nationality :Turkey
Gurbey Ileri Marital Status:Married
Gurbey Ileri Education:Education: Beykent University

Gurbey Ileri follows the story of a group of friends who live in Istanbul in modern times. They are all successful young professionals who have achieved their dreams but still find themselves missing something important from their lives – love and friendship that come naturally with having.

Gurbey Ileri is a famous Turkish drama. Gurbey Ileri has been watched by many people in Turkey and around the world. The cast of Gurbey Ileri are all very talented actors, who have made this show enjoyable to watch. This blog post will give you an overview of what Gurbey Ileri is about, as well as some background information on each actor in the show.

Ogun Kaptanoglu | As Titan

Ogun Kaptanoglu is a famous Turkish drama that has been watched by many ertugrul lovers in Turkey. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the plot of Ogun Kaptanoglu and what it’s all about. We will also discuss the cast members and how they played their roles through the different phases of life from childhood to adulthood.

Name And BiographyName In Drama Ertugrul
Ogun KaptanogluAs Titan
Ogun Kaptanoglu Age :Born: December 29, 1977 (age 44 years), İzmir, Turkey
Ogun Kaptanoglu Height :5 Feet 8 Inches
Ogun Kaptanoglu Instagram :ogunkaptanoglu 
Ogun Kaptanoglu Instagram Follower :120K followers.
Ogun Kaptanoglu Net Worth:USD $1.5 Million approx
Ogun Kaptanoglu Nationality :Turkey
Ogun Kaptanoglu Marital Status:Married
Ogun Kaptanoglu Education:Under Review

The show aired on Kanal D from October 2015 until April 2016 for a total of 138 episodes. It was based on Turkish writer Suat Yalaz’ novel with same name written in 1989 and adapted into TV series by director Ferdi Özgülkan.

Ogun Kaptanoglu is a famous Turkish drama that has been running for years. The story revolves around the life of Ogun Kaptanoglu, an ambitious and cunning businessman who spends his days in Istanbul’s coffeehouses scheming to get ahead in life. In the novel, he is trying to find a way to marry Adile Sultan, the daughter of a wealthy family with connections at court.

His schemes do not go unnoticed by other characters in this series; however their reactions range from amusement (elderly men) and disdain (wealthy fathers), to admiration (younger women). The show features many different themes such as family ties, honor codes and traditional values. It also gives insight into what was happening during this.

Ayberk Pekcan | Artuk Bey

Ayberk Pekcan is a Turkish actor. He was born on November 10th, 1974 in Istanbul and attended the theater school at Hacettepe University. He has acted in a variety of roles from comedy to historical drama. His most notable role so far is Ertugrul Gazi for his portrayal of the titular character who founded the Ottoman Empire during 1326-1359 AD. In this blog post, I will provide you with some information about Ayberk Pekcan including what he looks like and where he was born.

Name And BiographyName In Drama Ertugrul
Ayberk PekcanArtuk Bey
Ayberk Pekcan Age :Born: May 22, 1970, Mersin, Turkey
Ayberk Pekcan Height :5 Feet 9 Inches
Ayberk Pekcan Instagram :ayberkpekcan
Ayberk Pekcan Instagram Follower :Under Review
Ayberk Pekcan Net Worth:USD $1.5 Million approx
Ayberk Pekcan Nationality :Turkey
Ayberk Pekcan Marital Status:Married
Ayberk Pekcan Education:Education: Mersin University

Ayberk Pekcan (born on October 3, 1993) is a Turkish actor and model. He was born in Istanbul, Turkey to Ali Nihat Pekcan and Sevgi İnci. Ayberk has two siblings, his sister Ela Nur Pekcan who is also an actress and his brother Önder Atakan Pekcan that is a doctor. His family moved to Istanbul when he was 8 years old because of the Gulf War in Kuwait. The family lived in one room for four months until they were able to find another place to live at their current residence which is located near Taksim Square. The city where he lives now have been filmed as part of the “Aşk-ı.

Batuhan Karacakaya | Dundar

You may not recognize the name Batuhan Karacakaya, but you probably know his face. He is the youngest actor on ertugrul. His first appearance was in Season 2 of ertugrul as a child playing one of Ahmet Pasha’s children. The character he played was so memorable that three years later when they needed to cast for Izzet her eldest son, they called Batuhan back to play him.

Name And BiographyName In Drama Ertugrul
Batuhan KaracakayaDundar
Batuhan Karacakaya Age : February 5, 1997 (age 25 years), İstanbul, Turkey
Batuhan Karacakaya Height :5 Feet 7 Inches
Batuhan Karacakaya Instagram :karacakayaaa
Batuhan Karacakaya Instagram Follower :968k Followers,
Batuhan Karacakaya Net Worth:USD $1.5 Million approx
Batuhan Karacakaya Nationality :Turkey
Batuhan Karacakaya Marital Status:Single
Batuhan Karacakaya Education:Under Review

As an adult now, he has become a popular blogger and vlogger who shares information about Turkey with his followers around the world through social media channels like Instagram and YouTube. Join me as we go on this journey together to learn more about this talented artist.

Batuhan Karacakaya, a famous actor from Turkey who is known for his roles in the TV series ertugrul and Fatmagul, has been announced as a member of the cast for season two of FX’s American Crime Story. He will play opposite Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson.

Batuhan Karacakaya Age ?

 February 5, 1997 (age 25 years), İstanbul, Turkey

Ayberk Pekcan Age ?

Born: May 22, 1970, Mersin, Turkey


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